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This was my thesis ''The Ring of Truth''.

The illustrious adventures depicted in this book derived from the works of Giovanni Boccaccio, namely "Decameron". I express my interpretation of this story. As for the latest chapters in the story, I drew inspiration from the drama "Nathan the Wise", authored by Gotthold Ephraim. In it, he presents the meaning of the three rings. 

This story aims to inform and educate the reader about varying religions and the contempt that they encounter. The story strives to raise awareness and inform about issues concerning the followers of these religions. This story is meant to inspire a change for a better future, for all of us. 

Understanding one's own religion and that of others in order to nurture respect. Consequently, to respect and understand others means to live in a world without war, in peace and in harmony with one another.

The following illustrations are only part of the book I made.

If you are interested in knowing more about the full version of the story, do not hesitate to contact me

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